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Home is where the heart is part 5
Jayy’s POV
Poor Dahvie, he’s crying so badly; I know that it had to be one of my parents who made him cry like this, and to be frank; it pisses me off. He’s obviously been through a lot and the fact that they would still upset him so much that he starts to cry makes me feel like a piece of shit just because I am their son.
After I calmed Dahvie down, I heard his stomach growl. I knew that he wouldn’t go downstairs for breakfast on his own so I offered to go with him. He nodded thankfully as I helped him up, giggling softly as he continued to cling to me as well as his hello kitty toy. I know if he takes that thing downstairs my parents will say something, and as soon as they do; I just might lose my temper. I don’t know why I’m so protective of Dahvie and Dakota… I just am.
I honestly feel like they’re my family, the family that I always imagined having when I was older; an adorable, sweet child who I would do anything for and a perfect
:iconmeganbloodyrose:meganbloodyrose 11 4
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Home is Where The Heart Is Chapter Four :iconmeganbloodyrose:meganbloodyrose 10 10
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Home Is Where The Heart Is Chapter 3 :iconmeganbloodyrose:meganbloodyrose 11 12
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Home I s Where The Heart Is Chapter 2 :iconmeganbloodyrose:meganbloodyrose 12 13
Dakota (from Home Is Where The Heart Is) by meganbloodyrose Dakota (from Home Is Where The Heart Is) :iconmeganbloodyrose:meganbloodyrose 4 0
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Home is where the heart is :iconmeganbloodyrose:meganbloodyrose 12 9
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In The Closet, Part 2 :iconmeganbloodyrose:meganbloodyrose 15 10
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In The Closet :iconmeganbloodyrose:meganbloodyrose 14 14
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Christmas is a Time for Love- Phan
Phil watches Dan through the glass of the recording room, he’s singing with his eyes closed, clearly focused on the song and only the song, his body sways slightly in time with the music and he’s giving his all to make the song perfect, Phil finds himself thinking about just how beautiful Dan is.
Most people would feel ashamed of themselves for thinking about their employer that way, but not Phil because everyone finds Dan attractive, he’d bet a thousand pounds that at least one other person in this very recording studio is fantasising about Dan right now.  
The song is a song written specifically for Dan to sing for this holiday season, being as popular as he is among young adults and teenagers alike, it was to be expected that he have a Christmas song.
Dan had previously stated that he wanted to top the charts this coming Christmas, he couldn’t stand the thought of being beaten out of the top spot by that insufferable boy band, Blue.
Dan finishes the song
:iconunicyclingelephant:UnicyclingElephant 19 34
All that is left... Pt.1
Awakening in a daze, the young man peeled his eyes open slowly, only to have his vision assaulted by a harsh light above his head. Pain pulsated through his weakened body, but he still found himself able to move, but just barely. As his senses came back to him, he became aware that all of his items had been removed from his person, including his clothes. He wasn't one to get embarrassed easily, but being left so exposed was unsettling.  
Glancing down at himself, he was shocked to see how clean his skin was. He hadn't had a bath in weeks, so the built-up grime had become a familiar sight. He could see his tattoos again, as well as his multiple scars.  Even his left arm was spotless, and it no longer creaked when he moved it, which had happened so often in the past that to not hear it creak was abnormal. He then drew his attention to his surroundings, noticing that he was resting on what appeared to be a plush recliner chair, which seemed to be in fair condition. The room that
:iconcodashorizon:CodasHorizon 10 7
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Submission :iconlittlewolfgurl:LittleWolfGurl 23 30
Blood on the Dance Floor by kittyt247 Blood on the Dance Floor :iconkittyt247:kittyt247 24 11 Matching Tattoos by princessofthedaaark Matching Tattoos :iconprincessofthedaaark:princessofthedaaark 29 10
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...Its Not Babysitting, Chapter 3, Part B :iconcrimsonfirefox:crimsonfirefox 32 30
Can You Feel The Love Tonight? (DahviexJayy)
So many things to tell him
But how to make him see
The truth about my love?
He'd turn away from me
"Dahvie?" I whisper as we cuddled on the couch.
"Hmm?" He groaned.
"Um......Nevermind." I said. He sighed.
"Jayy, ever since I came back from my vacation, you have been kinda distant. What's wrong?" He whispered. I sighed.
"It's nothing." I whispered. He sighed.
"Whatever you say Jayy." He mumbled.
I now felt bad. Here is someone I know I want to be with for the rest of my life and I'm pushing him away! I'm Such a fuck up. Actually, the thing thats fucked up in my love for Dahvie. I love him more than I should. I mean, what kind of person falls for their best friend? A fucked up one that's for sure!
He's holding back
He's hiding
But what
I can't decide
Why won't he be the man I know he is
The man I see insi
:icondarkangel2016:DarkAngel2016 22 4
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Payback's A Bitch :iconcrimsonfirefox:crimsonfirefox 76 125
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In The Hot Seat :iconcrimsonfirefox:crimsonfirefox 53 77
The ghost of you (Chapter 1)
It all started with one word, "Leave!" I screamed it from behind him. He had cheated. Again. I'm not letting it go this time either. "Dahvie! Chill the fuck out!!" He yelled. "No! I loved you! We were going to get married!!" I slid my wedding ring from off my finger and threw it at his feet.
Jayy began to cry, "Fuck you!!" He screamed, "How bout' you fuck that twink of yours instead!" I yelled. His jaw dropped and he rose his hand to hit me, "I didn't fuck him!" He yelled. "Yeah sure.." I said. he slammed his fist into the wall leaving hole, "LEAVE!" I yelled. He rose his hand again but this time, his hand struck my face. "Oh god, Dahvie...." He said, regretting what he had done, "I said fucking leave!!!" I screamed so loudly he actually flinched. Jayy rushed out of the house with tears falling from his eyes. I fell to my knees, "Jayy,," I whispered.
    I curled up on he couch trying to forget the past but the thought of him wouldn't leave. I turned on the news and
:iconbotdflovevanity:botdflovevanity 11 9
dahvie x jayy chapter:3 look out
The next day Dahvie and Jayy couldn't wait till the end of the day,they didn't have any other class together expect homeroom which is where they served dentition.Even tho they both like each other crush or not they still didn't speak or make eye contact so people don't get suspicious.(bell rings)Everyone in the class got up as fast as they can out the door catching there bus or ride, except Dahvie and Jayy.(The teacher was amazed!they didn't even get up just sat there as quite and as still a person can be)
Teacher~Well,I guess you two know what to do so i guess you know where to find me
''teacher starts walking to the door slams it!''as soon as the door slam shut Dahvie and Jayy got up a the same time went behind the desk where the chock board was and started to make out on the floor''
Jayy~''starts to kiss Dahvie's neck as he unbuckles Dahvie's belt.((But dahvie seemed unfocused on him and kept looking at the door?))
Jayy~Dahvie!Dont you like this you seem unease about something.
:iconmadvonvanity69:madvonvanity69 11 5
dahvie x jayy chapter:2 detention
Jayy~you do know, it doesn't have to be this way.We don't need tough love.
((dahvie turns to Jayy with a blush and slowly walks towards jayy without him noticing))
Dahvie~''pulls on Jayy's uniform tie'' Maybe i like tough love.((with smile))
((throw's Jayy on the floor))
Jayy~DAHVIE!!w-what are you doing!?
Dahvie~''pounces on Jayy''((and slowly kisses jayy's neck as he unbuttons jayy's shirt))
Jayy~''moans as he blushes''
Dahvie~((dahvie puts his finger on jayy's chest and goes down till it hits his belt buckle))
''Dahvie unbuckle's jayy's belt showing off his red boxers.Dahvie pulls down his boxers with one finger springing out Jayy's erection''
Jayy~Dahvie please don't tease me I can't handle it anymore!
Dahvie~O we don't need to worry about that.
((suddenly dahvie put's jayy's dick in his mouth and starts to suck and the pulls it out and starts licking then goes back to sucking))
Jayy~moans!O DAHVIE!!
Dahvie~''sucks even harder and and fast''
Jayy~Noo if you keep doing that your gon
:iconmadvonvanity69:madvonvanity69 9 2
dahvie x jayy chapter:1 paper fight
It was last period of the day in innocent high.
jayy was in the front row in the middle.
dahvie was right behind him.
dahvie~''spits spit balls on jayy's back neck''.
jayy~DUDE cut it out!,''throw's paper wad at dahvie".
Teacher~HEY! stop it you too
(bell rings)
Teacher~have a good day everyone. you too stay!
(both sit back down with a groan)
Teacher~now you too are going to write on that chock board i will not fight a 100 times each
while i sit in the teacher lounge.START!
((they both get and walk to the chock board)) as the teacher walks out.
Jayy~Great just great well i hope your sorry dahvie.with a angry tone  
Dahvie just stood there writing with a blush face and not a word.
''dahvie turn's his head facing jayy with a soft voice he muttered sorry''
''jayy stopped what he was writing and they had a awkward silence''
Jayy~then why did you do it?why?
Dahvie~....because i like you jayy.''dahvie said with a soft tone''
((jayy started to blush))
Dahvie~have you ev
:iconmadvonvanity69:madvonvanity69 9 1
Mature content
WereWolf- Chapter 8 :iconsunnyaly:SunnyAly 5 5
My Heart Aches For You ~Chapter 1~ by JayyVonXDahvieVanity My Heart Aches For You ~Chapter 1~ :iconjayyvonxdahvievanity:JayyVonXDahvieVanity 9 21
Bewitching Midnight: Chapter 2
Bewitching Midnight: Chapter 2,Dahvie Vanity x Jayy Von Monroe
"Sorry to bother you but do you think you could help me?" The guy asked raising an eyebrow. Dahvie tried to take in more of his appearance. He was wearing chunky, heavy looking black boots, Dahvie's eyes trailed up the boy's long thin legs that were semi-covered by ripped skinny jeans that had chains hanging from them. The thin figure was also wearing a long black coat that was similar to his own.
Dahvie nodded hesitantly not wanting to speak as his words would probably come out messed up and not understandable, he didn't like talking to new people.
"I was wondering if you could please tell me where the old burned down cottage was? I dropped something there and I can't remember how to get there" the tall boy explained while chuckling slightly rubbing the back of his neck nervously. He spotted the note book in Dahvie's lap and looked over at it but before he could get a good look Dahvie had slammed it closed and had quickly
:icontsubakiukitake:TsubakiUkitake 16 18


Hey everyone, I'm sure that some people have figured it out, but not all. I no longer write Jahvie, I have lost interest in it and in blood on the dance floor for the most part. I still listen to them but very rarely; I've just outgrown their music. I have gotten more into YouTubers and YouTube ships. I'm not going to delete this account; I know people continue to read my old stories, but I won't be posting on here and probably won't make a new one. If you ever want to contact me about anything, you can go to my Tumblr


 I'm sorry guys, I love you all <3 and please don't hate me. 

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so i'm kind of obsessed with Blood On The Dance Floor! SGTC TILL THE VERY DEATH OF ME! I've written many stories and i draw A LOT! BYE BYE. oh and i have lots of DahvieXJayy stories on


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